Prestige Series “Celestine”


Highest purity, 4 strands of 25.5AWG, Triple cryoed 7N, Silver & Gold(up to %4), Litz with PE insulation.

We use the finest materials to make sure our products enhance the Sound Quality and ergonomics beyond the common limitations.

All cables are meticulously crafted by hand with great precision.

You choose every detail you want in your cable. You can customize it however you like. Viablue plugs, Eidolic plugs, translucent rubber sliders, wood sliders, etc.

This particular cable comes with carbon Y splitter, natural wood chin slider, silver Eidolic plugs and pins.

375,00 $

(Shipping via EMS Express Mail Worldwide)







“I have purchased “Celestine” 2 months ago from AudioMinor. The first thing I noticed is the increased resolution. Velvets really did opened up a notch! Treble are more detailed and bass region is a lot more controlled than it used to be. Bass resolution increased a lot too compared to stock cable. Imaging improved as well as soundstage. I can also say that build quality is terrific. I am very happy with my purchase.”

-Justrest @ Head-Fi

“Audiominor’s silver/gold has a recognisable tone, a classic signature for modern silver alloy cables: a clear sound with punchy bass and transparent treble. The cable does have a slight V-shape with less prominent lower mids and slightly enhanced treble. Instruments are well defined, and there’s an apparent upgrade in overall resolution and detail retrieval from a stock cable. Vocals lack a bit of lower midrange fill, and do sound less deep and full especially compared to the Mahogany copper cable. The cable refrains from sounding cold or bright, as there is a pleasant warmth from the mid-bass that prevents it from sounding analytical. The Celestine is a cable that competes with cables as the Toxic Silver Widow, DHC Symbiote V3 Silver Litz, and Rhapsodio Luna to name a few; both in price and performance.”

-Flinkenick @ Head-Fi

“I’ve been using “Celestine” for about a month.
I loved the handiwork, Mr.Tekman is quite meticulous when it comes to braid and splits. The cable itself is quite featherlight. Let me get to the sound impressions, well, presentation improved a lot, wider staging, increased resolution, more organic tones.. I can’t help myself noticing the vividness it gave to SM3. I am incredibly satisfied with it. Thank you Audiominor.”


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