“Marquise” Hybrid Litz


Highest purity,

2 strands of 25.5AWG, Triple cryoed 7N, %99.9999 Copper Litz with Dual PE insulation


2 strands of 25.5AWG, Triple cryoed 7N, %99 Silver – %1 Gold, Litz with Dual PE insulation.

We use the finest materials to make sure our products enhance the Sound Quality and ergonomics beyond the common limitations.

All cables are meticulously crafted by hand with great precision. You choose every detail you want in your cable.

You can customize it however you like. Viablue plugs, Eidolic plugs, Titanium sliders, Wood sliders, etc.

This particular cable comes with carbon Y splitter, natural wood chin slider and Viablue plug.


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