Fluorite 3.5mm


You can customize your interconnect however you like.

There are 3 base options, pure copper, pure silver and hybrid.

Copper wire is Cyroed, 22 awg, %99.999 purity copper with PE Insulation.

Silver wire is Cryoed, 20 awg cable with PE Insulation.

Hybrid option includes these Copper and Silver wires both.

Hybrid option:

3 strand capable plugs; 1 Copper, 2 Silver.

4 strand capable plugs; 2 Copper, 2 Silver.


Plug options are;

Gold Switchcraft, Neutrik, Neutrik L, Viablue.

Neutrik and Viablue plugs allow us up to 3 strands, Switchcraft plugs allow us up to 4 strands. On Switchcraft plug option, price diffrence of extra strand is included.


Cable’s all components -wire and plugs- are all cryoed tip-to-tip.


Hybrid wire with Switchcraft plugs;


Copper wire with Viablue plugs;


Silver wire with Neutrik L plugs;


We have been selling this particular cable for years while making some improvements with the exprience we gained. You can read many reviews and come across high-end audio rigs containing this cable.

As an example you can check this review thread on Head-Fi.